Maintain Your Holiday Model Trains

Ways to Prepare and Maintain Your Holiday Train All Year

We all, even the seasoned modelers, have trains that we bring out only for the holidays. After all, a Christmas tree is incomplete without a holiday train running around it. This tradition can be traced back over 150 years. To make sure that your holiday train is in good condition all year round, there are some preparation steps that you should consider so that the fun keeps rolling under the Christmas tree or for any temporary setup! 

Carefully unpack and inspect the train for any damage model trains are subject to damage in storage or while packing procedures. The train box may get kicked, dropped, crushed, or wet, causing train damage. Make sure that all couplers and re-position dislodges wheelsets are there. After that, clean off the smoke fluid and remove Styrofoam bubbles, foam rubber crumbs, paper scraps, or anything that may stick to the model train or its track.

  1. Inspect and clean the train tracks 

Trains, as well as tracks, need attention to ensure the proper functionality. You may need to inspect the missing joiners, loose or bent rails, broken clips on the roadbed track, or any other defects to replace the broken parts. After proper inspection of the delivered train track, clean the railheads before assembly if everything is present in good condition. 

  1. Lube the locomotive

Inspect the underside of the locomotive and trolley. Clean out all the visible dust. Don’t forget to clean the wheel tread to ensure electrical reliability. If there is a smoke unit in your train, inspect for the fluid that may have leeched out and clean it off. Seldom, the locomotive needs a light lubrication. Just one drop of plastic compatible lubricant is enough. Too much lubricant can cause electrical problems.

  1. Don’t forget to inspect the power pack

Inspect the power pack to make sure that all the wires are in good condition and there is no missing insulation. If there is any problem with the power pack, get it replaced immediately.

  1. Test Run

Before setting up the entire layout, hook up the power pack to some pieces of track to test run your locomotive and cars. Run them back and forth to make sure the functionality of every part. 

  1. Set up the train

If your train has a roadbed-style track, it can be set up on any surface, but if your train has a conventional track, consider inserting woods, cardboard, or even tape wider than the track to provide a fiber-free surface.

  1. Hook up the power pack

After setting up the train track, hook up the power pack properly.

  1. Get the train on track.

When you are fully satisfied with your track layout, go ahead and put your trains on the track. 

Let your trains run! Keep an eye out for obstructions because the present may move around and track shifts on soft surfaces. If you are planning to gift a holiday train to your loved one this year, consider!!


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