Winter Model Train Set

Winter Model Set Inspiration for Winter

As the weather is growing colder and the holiday season is around the corner, there can’t be a better time than now for finding some inspirations for your winter-themed railroad model. In this article, we are going to discuss the five most inspiring winter layouts.


  • The beautiful Winter Railroading in the Mountains


This winter-themed layout is my personal favorite. The mountain railroading features some rocky forests and striking cliffs with some snow-covered peaks giving us some dramatic backdrop to the stunning scenery. We can see some snow-capped trees surrounding a mountain lodge, while some track loops winding their way through the scenic valleys, crossing by some majestic rocks and tunnels. This is one of the finest layouts in winter themes.


  • Lakeside Winter Scene layout


Let’s talk about another winter-themed layout featuring meticulously crafted mountain scenery. This lakeside winter scene railroad has a tranquil lake in the center surrounded by several rocky hills. This design is quite similar to the previous one, but the hills used in this scene are both dramatic and track concealing because it winds around the back of this layout, creating the illusion of some train heading somewhere. In winter layouts, water is not usually used as a prominent feature. That is why this layout is perfect for the season.


  • Traditional Alpine Christmas Scene layout


This winter layout is one of the perfect depiction of a small-town scene during the Christmas season. This beautiful winter railroad features a classic European town in contrast to the other railroad winter layouts discussed before, where some ruler areas have been represented. This layout is extraordinarily detailed, with some cars along the snow-covered roads beautifully bringing the festive winter vibe. This layout is perfect for someone who is looking to create a diverse winter landscape with enough scenic variations.


  • The Stunning Main Street in the Holidays layout


Another winter layout featuring a small town in America during Christmas is evoking our childhood Christmas memories. This winter Layout features a main street with some shops and houses on both sides. We can also notice some parked model cars. Some scale kits and ceramic department 56 style buildings have been beautifully represented in this layout. The structure has been given a detailed look.


  • The Expanded Christmas Tree Loop layout


We understand the fact that a winter layout is not your main railroad. It is something that you may want to put around your family Christmas tree.


Bottom line:


These layouts are a perfect example of making the most out of the simple things while decorating the Christmas tree. We know that it is much more as compared to a traditional Christmas tree setup. Do not forget that these are just five examples of the endless opportunities which winter holiday layouts present! We would love to know about your winter plans. Get in touch with us today and tell us about your winter railroad plans.


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