Ultimate Christmas Guide for Model Trains

Ultimate Christmas Guide for Model Trains

With all that happened this year, it is paramount that we celebrate the end of the year with our loved ones.

Christmas celebrations aren’t just about the beginning of the holidays; they’re also about the year’s ending. Christmas is a time when kids receive gifts from their parents (or Santa).

A train model set remains one of the most requested gifts by kids. A train set can help strengthen the bond between you and your child as you set it up together. This list provides you with the best model train sets for your children this Christmas.


1.   Lionel The Polar Express Model Train Set

A train model from the Polar express movies shows that this train set stirs up nostalgia feelings in your children. This, coupled with its relatively low price, makes it one of the finest train sets to get for your children this holiday season.

It has track pieces that can be set up in three different shapes. You can use the handheld control to move it forward or backward and play announcements or blow the whistle. Switching off the sounds entirely requires some DIY as you’ll need to remove the train speakers physically. Kids are bound to have lots of fun entertaining themselves with this train set.


2.   Lionel Hogwarts Express Model Train

While the previous train reminds you of the classic polar express movie, it is for Potter heads. This train set will be an instant favorite if your kids like the Harry Potter series. It is modeled after the train from Harry Potter; it also features audio clips from the movie characters. It also includes a remote to handle the trains forward and backward movements.


3.   Bachmann Trains – HO Scale

This train set is most suitable for children of 14 and above, especially those who are just developing a flair for railroading. It is modeled after an F7 diesel locomotive, complete with functioning headlights.

The Thoroughbred is easy to assemble and is packed with an illustrated manual to make the process even more comfortable. The train features a controller that can be used to alter the movement speed. Despite being more pricey than the train sets listed above it, it is well worth the price, and your child is sure to remember this gift for years to come.


4.   Bachmann Trains – N Scale

This is an excellent train for those who plan to set it up under the tree due to its Christmas color scheme. Setting it up is easy and doesn’t require any tools. The green and red theme of this train are decidedly one of its most special points. The small size makes it especially lovely under a tree. It is modeled after a steam-era locomotive.


The Christmas season is a season to share love and happiness with loved ones. A train set is most likely on the wish list of every kid. Setting up a train set together with your child is also a great way to bond. One of these train sets is bound to be perfect.

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