How to Make a Christmas Holiday Train Display

Christmas celebration is incomplete without a model train. Hundreds of model trains come up from the basement to become a part of the holiday train display every year. Are you wondering how can you get the most out of the model train when you can only see them once a year?

We are giving you some tips to keep your holidays happy and exciting:

Clean Your Trains

After resting in the storage for a year, a little cleaning can benefit your model train a lot. Apart from brushing off the dust, the train’s wheels and tracks should be thoroughly cleaned. As an older track made of steel is prone to rust if it is stored in a humid place. If you notice some signs of rust on your track, just save your time and replace it immediately. Also, check all the power supplies and wires for any signs indicating wear and tear and replace them if needed. The gearboxes may also require to be cleaned and re-oiled after being in storage for an extended period but never over-lubricate them.

Elevate Your Train off the Floor

A floor should be avoided to build a train display, especially a carpeted one. The floor is the resting ground for the dust, dander, and grimes. Additionally, if you have kids or pets, they contribute to an ongoing hostile environment.

Lay Track Correctly

A train will run on a good track no matter if it’s seasonal or permanent. All you need to do is follow some instructions for the correct layout of a sectional track even you only have a temporary layout. Nail the track down if you are building a base, it will keep the track from shifting. Rail joiners are mostly made of metal and they can become loose after repeated rebuilding and separating. A loose joiner can rob your model train of the electricity even if its attached roadbed keeps the track sections properly aligned. You can tighten these loose joiners with the help of needle-nose pliers and can replace them if needed.

Keep the Circuit Simple

You do not need to circle the temporary displays instead a simple plan will go together faster and will need less maintenance. If you are going to add one more track circuit then it is a must to keep them separate. You can also create multi-level layouts but elevated tracks must be anchored to keep creeping out of the alignment.

Make the Snow Stick

A holiday layout is incomplete without snow. Artificial snow is available in many forms. you can buy large flakes or even granular powders. You can also use baking powder or plaster.

One of the easiest ways to do this is to paint your train board white and sprinkle in a little fake snow before it dries to make it look real. But if you want only loose snow then choose a larger flake product. Also, try to keep it clear of the tracks for smooth operation.



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