Creative Snow Scenery For Your Train Set

While some states have already encountered snow this year, and some may not even experience any snow, but it has not stopped us from getting into the winter spirit! Every year train hobbyists are becoming more creative in bringing that winter season to their train sets. Here are some of our top favorite ways to get your train set in the snow. 

Snow Effect With Cotton Ball

Cotton balls are a great way to add more color and environment to your train set. Furthermore, cotton balls are inexpensive, around $1.50 to $3, so it’s a perfect solution if you live in a warmer state to bring that wintery feeling. We highly recommend investing in cotton balls. Plus, kids get real joy out of it. It’s so much fun! 

Instant Snow Powder 

If you want to make a snow effect to another level, invest in instant snow powder. They cost around $3-$5, so again it’s inexpensive but has a significant impact on your train set environment. Adding a bit of water turns into a fluffy snow-like substance that is both enjoyable and playable at the same time. We promise you you won’t be disappointed!

Pom Pom Snowball Fight!

What better way to have a more realistic scenery than having your little people having a snowball fight? We’ve come across some creative engines delivering snowballs to the engine drivers and passengers having a blast! Have you created any exciting ideas we could share? We would love to know! 

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