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Layout Ideas to Inspire Your Model Train Winter Scenes

Being in the midst of the winter season, our mind is naturally inspired by the scenes we see all around us. It’s getting closer to Christmas and the holidays, so we’d like to provide you with some winter-themed layouts for your model train winter scenes. We hope you enjoy them and look forward to your comments and feedback.

Here are three winter-themed layouts that you are sure to enjoy.

1.   Winter Wonderland Mountain Layout

This layout was created considering the snow-covered caps that we normally see in nature. The entire theme has been designed from the viewpoint of a train passing through rocky, snow-covered mountains in the cold season.

This scene has a forced perspective, which makes the layout look all the more imposing and impressive.

The layout features several cliffs and silver-covered forest trees. Several railroad tracks are set at various levels through the mountains, as well as tunnels that seem full of adventure.

A mountain lodge is surrounded by several loops of railway tracks that wind through valleys while passing along ridges in cliffs and other scenic beauty.

The entire landscape has been dusted with snow-colored material, making it look more accurate and majestic.

2.   A Winter Scene by the Lake

As you can see, the lake forms the centerpiece of this model. Rocky hills surround the lake. The exciting part of this theme is that the hills conceal the track as it winds around the back of the layout.

This makes it seem that the trains are heading somewhere else beyond the present reality. The entire layout has been detailed in quite a picturesque manner.

A lakeside cabin is featured on an island connected to the mainland by a pedestrian bridge. It seems like you can even smell the warmth of the fireplace and imagine the wood logs being burned to keep the cabin warm. A second bridge over the water adds choice and dynamism to the layout, making it more scenic and beautiful.

3.    A Christmas Village in the Mountains

This layout is likely to be one of the most appreciated, as it replicates the scene of a typical European village at Christmas time.

The buildings and archways have been filled with great detail. The cars on the street lend credence to the scene. The roads have been lined with snow.

A small river is cutting through the landscape, with a forest and a valley in the backdrop. There are several bridges for both cars and trains traversing the village. The entire scene reminds the onlooker of a typical German town in winter.

The most impressive part of this layout is that the street lights and lamp posts are fully operational.

Looking to Spruce Up Your Layout?

We hope you liked this edition of three layout scenes for model railroads for winter. But why stop there? We have hundreds of parts and layouts for railroad model enthusiasts that will thrill people of all ages. Just browse through our website for what we have to offer, or get in touch today with our friendly staff!


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