Summer Train Layout Ideas

How to Spruce Up Your Train Layout Scenes for the Summer

One of the greatest advantages of model railroading is the chance to shift things around based on the season or a new layout change. With summer taking full effect, now is the time to consider unique scenery to add more summer feel to your train layout. As we enjoy the summer weather here take a look at some inspirations to help improve the feel of the train layout.

Ice Cream Shop

Nothing screams more than summer than seeing the classic ice cream shops opening up for their customers. That nostalgia feeling you see kids eating their favorite ice cream can be brought to your layout design. Take into consideration the setting area. Is it rural or urban? Most ice cream parlors usually run in rural areas, so standalone drive-up is more suited in that particular scene. Whereas urban or downtown areas will have mainstream shops like Dairy Queen and Baskin Robbins. If you are looking to add a busy setting with many people, adding an ice cream cart on the side or an ice cream truck can give the layout a summer feel.

Swimming Pool and Outdoor Activities

A public swimming pool or backyard pool can be a great way to create that scenic summer atmosphere for your railroad. Not quite the look you’re going for? How about rocky mountains or camping sites with a lake and fishers that will bring more nature and distance to the scene? By simply swapping certain pieces can drastically change up the mood drastically.

Festival or a County Fair

What better way to bring the community together than hosting a festival or a country fair in one of the most exciting events of the summer! With so many fun activities to build upon, this could be the perfect way to enjoy the summer layout. With so many figures and scenery to choose from, you can swap things over and reuse them every year. Take a look at our online shop site to discover more additional parts for your train layout.

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