How to Build an Outdoor Model Train Layout

Designing and consequently constructing an impeccable outdoor model train is a painstakingly long task that requires dedication and skill. Although it may take a while for you to choose a railroad layout and construction, the completed model is breathtaking.

The biggest outdoor model trains are the “G” gauge, or more commonly, “G” scale. Ideally, the best option for landscaping your backyard or garden, it can easily fit on a small ping-pong table space. Though there are half a dozen scales, what are the next factors to consider in building your outdoor model train layout? Read on to learn more.

·       Scenery

The scenery of your outdoor model train layout depends entirely on your preference. You can go for minimal or complex scenery while complimenting it with the real scenery of your yard or garden. Simply start with grass, sand, or a base of something similar. Rock molds, tiny trees, bushes, roads, and wet paint are only the tip of the iceberg in the scenery of a model train layout.

·       Wiring

One of the easiest tasks of laying out a model train is the wiring system. Usually, it is a direct current (DC) that operates the model train on the railroad. The voltage of the power supply you use will determine the speed of your chosen locomotive. Adding multiple DC power supplies, you can enable multiple mode trains to run on your model railroad tracks.

Moreover, with the latest development, there are electrical control systems, i.e., Digital Command Control (DCC). They can allow independent digital control of every model train on the layout.

·       Track

You chose the locomotives, accessories, and other components. But where does a train run on a model train railroad? Choosing a track enables designing the model train layout. Hence, it is the core component of the layout plan. Therefore, choose the track that serves optimally to represent what you imagine when building your outdoor model train layout.

·       Detailed Structures

The track, wiring, and a bit of lush scenery are the main components of your outdoor model train layout. You can add to the visual appeal of your layout with more detailed structures and objects around it. In simple words, you can bring life into your model train layout by adding buildings that represent modern world structures.

In fact, if you are going for an old-time railroad theme, then your model train can benefit from detailed western structures. These include houses, barns, farms, etc.


Of course, there are other aspects to an outdoor model train’s layout. They also progress in complexity. However, no need to feel light; with the help of Charles Ro, your dream of model trains can become a reality. So, give us a call at 1-800-225-4425 or visit our official website, here

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