How to Maintain Your Lionel Trains

As a train collector and enthusiast, you may already know the basics of how to take care of your Lionel trains. However, many new train collectors, and even seasoned collectors, often find themselves in a situation where cars don’t roll well or lights stop working despite regular maintenance. This article is designed to help you take better care of your Lionel Trains to keep them in perfect condition for years.

Clean your wheels and axles

Be sure to check the wheels and axles on all of your trucks regularly. Clean them as necessary – but don’t overdo it.

Lubricate tracks as often as needed but in moderation

You can overdo it with lubricant when it comes to Lionel Trains. If you use too much lubricant, it can cause your wheels and axles to become gummy and sticky. This can make it even harder for the engine to pull the cars, which can cause issues for your Lionel Train engine as well.

Check your wheels regularly, but only lubricate them as you need to. To lubricate effectively, use a small toothpick and place a small dab of lubricant on the axle.

Also, keep in mind that the types of rollers will impact whether or not you need to lubricate them. If your roller is made of sintered iron (this is usually dark gray) and pivots on an axle made of a rivet or eyelet, you don’t need to lubricate it and doing so will impact the performance of your train. Only if the roller pivots on its own studs at each end do you need to lubricate the axel.

Keep your track maintained

Sometimes engines and cars are well-maintained, but the track is neglected. The track also plays a very important role in your Lionel Train’s health. Maintaining the track isn’t difficult, but it is important to remember to do it. As the tinplate track oxidizes over time, it can cause issues with the flow of electricity. Then when you add any grime and buildup that may come from the cars, it can significantly impact the performance and longevity of your Lionel Trains.

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