How to Choose the Right Model Train Set

Nowadays, Model trains and railroading is a popular hobby among children and teenagers. There is almost no toy that beats model trains for its sheer combination of power and excitement. The huge interest of kids in model trains has led to a surge in the production of different train sets, making it difficult to know which one is right for you or your kid. While some sets are better than others, the best sets are those that meet all of your requirements. Here are a few tips to help you make the right choice;

The Scale: Model trains are made in several scales in proportion to the real thing.  For example, there is an HO scale (1/87th of the real thing), G scale (1/25th of the real thing), O scale, etc. You have to determine the right scale for you. If you are buying for a kid, you should buy a big scale and a tiny N scale would be cool for a teenager.  If you buy a model train set at a particular gauge, everything else on the set is made in the same scale.

The Names: Model train sets are branded and decorated in a different kind of naming. Some trains carry names from World War II, while some are made up of places in Europe. Many people love to choose things that they remember from their childhood, youth or they see in a movie. Choose the best train set that carries a naming that interests you or the kid.

The Power Packs: Old model train sets come with basic power supplies that are only enough to power one train and a few accessories, while the newer sets are made with better power supplies which can provide reliable operation for years and can support larger train layouts. You’ve to consider the power pack of the set, it tells its rate of speed, precision, reliability, and total efficiency.

The Type of track: The conventional model train sets are made such that they can work with each other, while the newer sets have integrated roadbed track which makes them well suited for beginners and young modelers but they are not universally compatible, due to patents of style by a different manufacturer. It becomes easier to expand your tracks with the conventional train sets while you need to look for the exact tracks for expansion in the case of the newer train sets.

Your budget: This seems to be the decider of the other factors. Train sets are available at prices ranging from $30 to $600. Although you don’t have to buy the most expensive until you get the best sets in general, you do get what you could afford. The price has a lot to do with the scale, the branding, or the size you get.

Next time you need to get a model train, follow these tips and you shall get just the right set.

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