model train scenery terrain

How to build a scenery terrain  

Modeling a scenery terrain is an avenue for you to showcase your creativity and to have fun. It is an enjoyable and fun way of building a layout or project. Scenery terrains can be model natural layouts like mountains, valleys, hills, waterways, and other geographical contours. 


Building a scenery terrain can be carried out differently depending on what you want to achieve or make. The model scenery terrain is used for a school project, personal project, or dun activity.


How do you build a scenery terrain? 

Various techniques are employed for building a scenery terrain, depending on what is set to be achieved.


Using screen or chicken wire for building model train scenery terrain

This method is an older method of making scenery terrain. It involves creating contours for the terrain scenery. It involves inexpensive and easy to get materials. It makes use of old screening materials, chicken wires, and other similar household materials. 


It is done by cutting materials into sections to make them easy to work. Then household glue or stable are used to hold the edge to the board. The screen is reshaped into your preference, irregular hills, valleys. Double-check that there is no wire in contact with you is a metal on your screen.

You can also cut down plaster cloth into sizable parts to work. Use the plaster cloth to cover up any wire that could come in contact with metal.


The cardboard web strips

This method involves the use of an old cardboard box and scissors or a good boxcutter. You will have to slice the cardboard into several lengths to mimic the layout or mountain you are trying to achieve. The cut layers should then be re-attached to the sub roadbed. The method involves a lot of cutting and stitching to the board.


Wadded newspaper method.

This method is as simple as it gets. It involves just wading up some old newspapers in such a way as to achieve a rounded top and a regular bottom and holding the waded paper with tape. 

You can use this waded paper to create shapes as mountain, rocks, valley and so on.


The use of foams sheets or blocks 

Cut the foam sheet to replicate the shape you intend to create. You can cut the foam sheet into different shapes and sizes to achieve desired results. The cut shapes are progressively placed on the board.



Building scenery terrain is a fun way to test your creativity. It can also be a fun way to get children involved in a project. Depending on the goal setting and the available resources at your disposal, any of the above-listed methods may suit you.


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