Model Train Set With Autumn/Spring Layout

Tips for Building a Model Train Set for Fall

From the slight crisp in the air to the crunching of leaves underneath your feet, you can’t help but hear the tolls of the bells of Fall ring. Fall is beautiful, and it’s one of the most beloved seasons. What’s not to love about it? From the vibrant colored forests to pumpkin spice, Halloween, and Thanksgiving, Fall is a bountiful and plentiful time.

The beautiful season is also a time for artistic expression for model railroaders like yourself. So, it’s time to take advantage of the vibrant season and create some of the most awe-inspiring, tear-wringing, jaw-dropping scenes with your models. Here are some tips to help you take the steering wheel and build a model train layout worthy of Fall.

Utilize The Aesthetics of Foil Foilage In your Model Train Set

The fall foliage is often overlooked for the more noticeable and vibrant autumn leaves. But many people don’t realize that it adds to the feeling of Fall. During Fall, the greens of summer grass begin to give way to the yellows and browns of Fall grass. The ground underneath tends to be entirely covered by leaves, causing them to fly wherever a car or train passes. Add this feature to your set, and you end up upping the realism of your set.

Adding Fall-Inspired Trees

This is a no-brainer. What is Fall without the vibrantly colored trees? Create a Fall scene by adding a model tree with bright red or muted yellow leaves around your set. Add model squirrels and other animals to show them preparing for winter. Add pumpkins and other plants to improve the scenic realism. It’s going to be time-consuming work, but by the time you finish, it will be worth it.

Halloween and Thanksgiving Inspired Sets

You can add Halloween or Thanksgiving-inspired sets in anticipation of these two holidays. Of course, you could also have a separate set for Halloween and Thanksgiving, but it will be cool to make these additions, showing that the environment is getting ready for those seasons. Putting half-finished decorations and pumpkin heads around the train tracks can help to pass this message. Some clash of periods by putting pilgrims and native American models from the 1600s in the model train setting is also an innovative idea. Painting your train or train tracks a different color to blend well with the Fall color can also be another way to go.

Barns, Hay, and Some Good Pumpkin Patches

Falls are a heralding of winter to come. A time of harvest and prosperity. It won’t be a complete Fall scenery without showing the farm and the harvest. Add barns, farmhouses, tractors, and even hayrides to your decor. Create a story with your model. City folk coming to the country during the Fall. If you want to pass that across, what better way to do it than adding some of that? Some scarecrows amongst the corn maze can also be added with pumpkin patches.

The most important thing to remember when building your set this Fall is to have fun! Free yourself, and be creative. There’s no one better to assist you in having fun while building your model train layout this Fall. If you are looking for more Fall inspiration model set pieces, check out our online store and give us a call for some assistance. We will be happy to help!

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