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Modeling After History: Guide To Building Your Model Railway Based On History

With over 200 years of rich history from which one can seek inspiration, it can be a tough challenge to know how and where to start your modeling journey. Many model train lovers pick a specific era and focus all their modeling efforts towards that. Going even further, modeling a very specific railroad is also a very popular option among enthusiasts. This is mostly driven by two things: the long and rich history of American railroads available and the sheer volume of trains and buildings available for modeling a specific railroad makes it fun and easy.

Let’s take a look at four of the most popular railroads that you should consider modeling. You don’t have to model all four and pick one based on your specific taste.

1.     New York Central Railroad

Though the name of New York Central Railroad has changed, most of its old network still remains. Additionally, Grand Central Terminal is perhaps the most iconic station associated with the trains, and therefore it is modeled by enthusiasts all over the world. Like most other stations, the challenge with modeling the NYC railroad is its long and rich history with both steam and diesel era locomotives and carriages.

2.     Santa Fe Railroad

The most exciting aspect of the Santa Fe Railroad is that it is still operational to this day. One of the best things about modeling this station is how it pays homage to its history by paint-driven schemes and designs. It can be a great starting point for any modeling enthusiast as it offers a lot of different things to model.

3.     Chesapeake and Ohio Railway

Chesapeake and Ohio Railways today form the CSX network alongside the portions of the New York Central Railroad. The C & O was a giant of the 20th century for its height and its unique focus on freight services. Whether you want to model this station at its height or before the CSX iterations, you will be highly satisfied with the rewarding modeling opportunities offered by this railroad.

4.     Erie Railroad

While the Erie Railroad was never as iconic as some of the other major railroads, it is one of the best railroads to model. It is difficult to argue against Erie’s significance and iconic status as the Northeastern United States developed from the late 19th to the mid-20th century.

So these are the four most iconic railroads to get you started. Visit us to buy everything that you need to model these railroads and have fun doing so!

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