Model Train Kits to Keep Your Kids Busy for Hours

There are tons of new toys designed for kids these days, but nothing compares to the retro fun of a model train kit. From designing to creating to playing, a great model train will entertain kids of all ages, inspiring their imagination and encouraging creativity.

Model Train Terms



Scale refers to the size of the model train. When looking at a train’s scale, you’ll see how it compares to the real-life version of that train. There are different scales, including G, O, HO, N, and S. The HO scale, specifically, is 1:87. That means you would need 87 of the model trains to equal the length of the real thing. The HO is the most commonly used model train scale; it gives enough details without taking up too much area.


Gauge refers to the size of the train track or how much space there is between the rails. In real life, train track rails are about 56 inches apart, inside to inside. With the HO scale mentioned above, the model tracks have a distance of just over half an inch wide. The smallest gauge is .25” with the Z scale; the largest is 1.75” with the G scale.


The train truck is the part that rolls on the train track. It includes the wheels and axles, bolster, and frame that the train car sits on top of.


What to Look For in a Model Train Kit

A model train kit is more than just a train and track, although those are two important parts! There are a lot of accessories and additions you can buy in a kit or separately to add to your child’s model train layout. Here’s what to look for.


Of course, you need to have some trains! Using the terms above, you can choose the model size to fit your available space.


When choosing tracks, make sure to select the proper gauge that fits your model train scale. You may need to help your child set up the ways at first until they get the hang of how to lay it out and connect the individual pieces.


Trestles and bridges are a great way to add depth to your model train setup. They’re especially fun for kids, as they give a more realistic approach to how trains work over different terrain.


A child can have hours of fun with trains, tracks, and trestles, but there are extras that you can include that make the experience even more fun and interactive. Scenery and landscaping, buildings, and people are some of the best things to have with your model train kit.


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