How to Safely Introduce Your Child to Model Train Building

There are many exciting activities that you can do with your child, but putting together a model train may take the cake. However, before you introduce your child to model train building, you must consider how to do so with safety in mind.  A model train is not a simple toy that can be handled carefreely. Some model trains are highly sophisticated, operate on electricity, and have many moving parts and sharp edges, making parental supervision, especially for young kids, crucial. The big question is, “How do you safely introduce your child to model train building?” Let’s look at a few valuable tips that can help to keep your child safe while enjoying the fun model train experience. 

Make the Introduction at the Appropriate Age

You want to introduce your child to model train building at the right age. No matter your eagerness and excitement about teaching your young one about model trains, consider that many sets are not designed for younger kids. Being at the right age to properly work with small train pieces and adhere to directions is key before introducing. Wait until your child is about 5 years old, but you should also be mindful of the capacity of your kid to handle a model train and make a train selection that’s right for your kid’s skill-set.

Supervision is a Must

Always, always supervise your kid when working with model trains. Supervision cannot be overemphasized. Whether it’s an electric or non-electric train set, keep your eyes open. There may be multiple small parts to a starter kit, and kids could easily put any piece in their mouth and accidentally swallow it. These small pieces could also be stepped on and cause an injury, or your pet could be attracted to the small pieces and swallow them as well. Be sure to share with your kid how to care for the model train properly and avoid accidents and other problematic issues to keep the experience a fun and safe one.

Take Younger Child to Railroad Museum

Even if your child is too young to work on a model train set of their own, you can still make the introduction but in a way that avoids having any problems. A railroad museum is an ideal place to take your young child who loves trains, where it’s possible to enjoy still seeing and maybe interacting with intricate model trains up close in a safe way. This may not only turn out to be the best day ever for your child, but it could be the spark that drives further interest in trains and engineering. 

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