Christmas Train Miniature

How To Get Your Train Set Ready For The Holiday

It’s that time of the year that you have to bring your holiday train back to life. You don’t want the festive period to be as dull as ever. You can spice up your home with a Christmas tree and the holiday train. Having spent several months in storage, you need to prepare your train before the holiday finally arrives. So what are the things you need to do to keep this over 150 years’ tradition rolling?

Here are the ideal steps to take:

  • Carefully Unpacked The Train

Your holiday train has been in an inactive state for a long. So anything could have happened to it where you kept it. To avoid complicating the issue, you must be extra careful when unpacking it. Once you get the train out of the storage, inspect it thoroughly to ensure it is still in a good state. If you notice any irregularities, do the needful by fixing them before the train resumes actions.

  • Cleaning Of The Train Tracks

It would be best if you gave attention to the tracks as much as you attended to the train itself. As you already know, the train will move on the track, so it must be in good condition for efficiency. Among the issues you need to resolve is missing joiners that may prevent continuous movement of the train. Also, broken clips and bent rails should get proper repair before your train begins the holiday trip. Ensure you clean the railheads before setting them up.

  • Lubrication Is Necessary

Accumulation of dust and dirt is inevitable for something kept in isolation without use. After cleaning and fixing necessary parts, endeavor to lubricate the engine for desired functionality. If there are signs of leeched fluid for trains with the smoke unit, clean it off. Also, over-lubricating your train can lead to electrical issues. Therefore, a drop of lube is enough to get your train rolling.

  • Avoid Laying Tracks On The Floor

The reason why you shouldn’t lay your tracks on the floor is not far-fetched. Children and pets can bump into it, which leads to the destruction of one train part or the other. The best way to keep your train moving throughout the holiday is to raise the track beyond people’s reach. Doing this will prevent unwanted accidents. You can be creative with the track laying, but ensure you do it appropriately.

  • Make Your Train Attractive To All

Your holiday train and its track should make both adults and children feel the presence of the festive period. More preference should go to kids because they enjoy the moment the most. The ideal way to go about this is to make it colorful and add kid-preferred items to it. There are several personalized concepts to setting up your holiday train.


With these tips, your train is ready to run throughout the holiday efficiently. It is essential to watch for possible obstacles that might prevent it from moving, mainly track disjoint. If you need help setting up your holiday train, Charles Ro can assist you based on their experience with related projects.

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