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How to get started with collecting model trains for Christmas

Our minds continuously yearn for something novel and unusual, whether we are aware of it or not. The likelihood is that computer games, movies, TV shows, chess, crafts, and cooking won’t keep you occupied for very long if you ever find yourself cooped up at home. You need something brand-new that can unlock a universe of opportunities.


Have you ever thought about amassing model trains? Many people develop a love for trains as they age because of their ageless nature and feeling of adventure. Consider the Hogwarts Express from Harry Potter, Thomas the Train’s silliness, or even the beloved Polar Express. Why not incorporate some of the excitement surrounding trains into your home?


Everything from language to practicalities will be covered in our discussion on how to begin a model train collection.


1.     Select the model train scale.

In HO SCALE: A train modeling scale employing a 1:87 (3.5 mm to 1 foot) scale is called THE MOST POPULAR HO, or H0. Its suitability for normal to smaller home layouts and the fact that it is often less expensive to produce make it the most widely used train model scale. Leading examples of this situation include Athearn, Atlas, and Bachmann Trains, which manufacture model trains.


For modeling 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in) standard gauge tracks and trains, the rails are spaced approximately 16.5 mm (0.650 in) apart, which makes them unmistakably HO in terms of scale identification.


The N scale is smaller and more flexible. Although it’s not the most popular scale, the N scale is a common model train scale. Depending on the manufacturer or the country of manufacture, the scale of N-scale trains and accessories typically ranges from 1:148 to 1:160. The gauge, or the space between the rails, is 9mm, or.354 inches.


Having stated that, we use “codes” to describe different rail heights, such as Code 80, which has a height of 0.080 inches or 2.0 mm. The benefit of N scale models is that, in contrast to HO sizes, they enable model train enthusiasts and hobbyists to construct and collect more space-conscious layouts.


2.    Select Your Period

After choosing the scale, the next step is to decide what era you want your model train to represent. Model trains are beautiful because they allow for customization, so you can do whatever you want. Since numerous older trains still operate today, some modelers opt to recreate more contemporary layouts with corresponding 1980s, 1990s, or even 2000s scenery.


But if you try to do the opposite and place a modern train—for example, an Amtrack freight—in a setting from the early British 1920s, it would appear a little odd visually. It’s best to choose a style that can be either traditional or contemporary, depending on your preferences. Buying a range of trains and components might help you achieve a more impartial appearance.


3.    Select Your Location

The period you choose goes hand in hand with this selection process. This choice may affect the landscaping supplies and building kits you need to finish your model.


Your options for gardening will be significantly impacted by the environment you choose. Is it the dead of winter when everything will be covered in a layer of snow? blossoming trees and early springtime? when is everything hazy, brilliant green, and summery? Or is the foliage jewel-toned because it’s fall?


To prevent accumulating model train parts that you won’t use depending on the season, location, and time you choose, it is better to make these choices before investing in the parts of your model train system.


But where can I get the model train and kit supplies?

Charles Ro is the go-to website for model train supplies for collectors, seasoned hobbyists, and novices alike. We have models in every scale, from HO to N, and a wide selection of trains, automobiles, accessories, and kits and pieces for various types of landscaping.


The ideal home activity is only a click away! Start creating and gathering the pieces for your model train set by visiting Charles Ro Store immediately.


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