Common issues you may find on your model train

Common Issues You May Find on Your Model Train

Being a train hobbyist is fun and rewarding. The time and effort you put into the building to running a successful train operation for hours and hours is a feeling like no other. However, at times problems arise, and you encounter issues you need to troubleshoot right away to ensure you get your model trains back on track and running again. Charles Ro has listed three common problems you may find wrong with your model train.

  1. What to do when your model train stops running?

Realistically, there is no one-way fix when your model train stops working, but there is a simple way of identifying the issue if the train is not coordinating with the tracks properly. Use a locomotive to run a test on every section of the tracks to see if you can pinpoint a particular spot where the route may be giving you problems. Test with other trains to ensure the issue does not lie under one train. If it does, it may be best to take the train to a repair shop to have this fixed. One of the most common issues is ‘split-gears’ or engine being overused.

If the issue is on the tracks, there could be particles that are preventing the tracks from running efficiently, such as dust and hair. Check out on how to clean your train tracks with our recent blogs.

  1. What happens when the model train will not stay on track?

If you notice your locomotive and trains running unsteadily on specific areas on the train track or frequent derailment, this could be a power or wiring issue. Make sure the wires are appropriately secured to ensure there are no loose connections or split ends. Electrical wiring can be dangerous, and if you are not an expert, it is best to seek a specialist. However, if the issue falls on the same spot, it could be wrong with the track, and it may need some adjusting.

  1. Model trains are not running at all.

The worst issue to find is having your trains not running at all. Looking for the culprit can be challenging, whether the wiring, electrical, or engine itself can be overwhelming but don’t sweat; this can be repaired. If you notice any of the issues above, consider reaching out to a local train repair shop for further assistance. If you are interested in buying a new train set or particular train components, get in touch with Charles Ro, and we will be happy to guide you!

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