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Check Out the Model Trains Around the World

Building railroad models has become more popular as a result of the return of railroad transportation in recent years. Railway modeling is the process of creating miniature versions of the current rail network.

Let’s explore the most well-known train sets in the world and how they differ from similar sets.


Best Train Sets in the World

  1. Miniatur Wunderland (located in Hamburg, Germany): This astonishing masterpiece has the unofficial title of the world’s most extensive train set. The Miniatur Wunderland took thousands of hours to construct, and apparently, great emphasis was put into every structure. There are over 800 trains on the tracks, and one thing that makes this particular train set so phenomenal is that the miniature world also has planes and airports. Phenomenal!


  1. The New Orleans Train Garden (located in Louisiana, USA): This excellent piece is located in the Louisiana Park Botanical Gardens. It is well known because the vegetation on the set is made up of natural living plants. The train set was created to replicate the 19th-century look; thus, trains and motor vehicles look as they did in those days. It is a beautiful site, and the pictures don’t do justice to the real thing.


  1. Hara Model Railway Museum (located in Nishi-ku, Japan): Even though this model train set was made just about a decade ago, it is already regarded as one of the best the world has ever seen. Over a thousand trains have been operated on this set, and fascinatingly enough, many of them get their power source from miniature power lines, just like in the real world.


  1. Roadside America (located in Pennsylvania, USA): Many train sets in the world reflect the creator’s view of the railway system. In the case of Roadside America, however, a man’s entire vision and existence were expertly modeled into reality. Work on this train set started as early as 1935. Slowly but steadily, since that time, it has gradually expanded and is now known as one of the best sets in the world.


  1. LOXX Miniature World (located in Berlin, Germany): Germany is known for having some of the best train sets in the world. The LOXX Miniature World, however, is amongst the absolute best. The whole of Berlin is carefully constructed into a 30,000- square foot space. It is a magnificent sight, attracting tourists from all over the globe every year. Tourists can see all the various city landmarks on this fantastic train set, and for others, it further serves as a map that can help them know the city much better.


Ready to Start Your Journey?

In the world today, there are so many beautiful model train sets. As the love for the railway industry increases, we can be sure that new, more impressive train sets will be constructed shortly. For all aspiring train set modelers, visiting some of these tracks can help you understand better how they work and, in so doing, give you the blueprints you need to create your model train complex. To get started, visit our store to get started!

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