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Best Electric Train Sets To Add To Your Train Collection

HO-scale Electric train sets are not only a terrific access point for those interested in model railroading but are often the sole option for acquiring rare or specialized locomotives and other rolling equipment.


Buying an HO-scale train set is an excellent method to expand your collection without spending a lot of money because of the included track and other accessories.


Whatever your motivation for having an electric train set, let’s look at some of the greatest models available. All these sets are complete and ready to use to help you get started with or expand your DCC collection.

The Lionel Pennsylvania Flyer

This train contains a total of five carriages, excluding the steam engine, and it operates on a track that is 60 inches long and 40 inches wide when arranged in an oval. The included 12-track pieces can be used to create various track forms, and more parts can be purchased to create a large track around the room.


This train also comprises all the bells and whistles, including smoke, sounds, a lighted headlight, and little moving pieces, providing a realistic riding experience.


You can help put the Pennsylvania Flyer to reality by adding liquid smoke to the smoke stack. The smoke from the stack rises in sync with the train’s chuffs, a feature praised by the review panel.

Kato’s State of Illinois Set

This Kato State of Illinois Set in N-scale is an ideal purchase or present for an adult who wants to add to their collection or for an adult who would appreciate a gift of a train set.


This set is so flawless that you could indefinitely store it in its original packaging. Since each piece in this collection has been handcrafted and painted, each one is one of a kind.


Even though this set does not come with rails, the locomotive and three passenger vehicles included in the box are lovely.

iBase Toy Electric Train Set

This is an excellent train set to consider, whether you are just starting with electric train sets or are looking for a model that won’t break the bank.

Multiple Trains Waiting by Station

It includes 17 segments of track that can be placed in a variety of configurations plus the essential vehicles (a steam locomotive, a passenger coach, and two freight wagons). For younger children, this is a beautiful alternative.


Realistic in appearance and sturdy construction, the miniature HO scale trains are a delight. The track sections interlock with a simple click and remain securely in place. It’s an excellent set for helping kids develop fine motor skills and better hand-eye coordination while having a nice time.

Amtrak Acela High-Speed Train Set

This Train Set is an excellent acquisition to make if you are going to splurge on a new electric HO-Scale train set for your model railroading hobby. Lionel’s high-speed sets have undergone extensive re-engineering to make them more dependable without compromising their unique qualities.


Trains in this set can have their horns and bells pitched in various ways, and they come with various other features attributable to their official Amtrak licensing.

Piko HO-scale Eco-Friendly

Even though model railroading often focuses on ancient times of our country’s railroads, there are now a variety of wonderful examples of current trains that you could include in your collection.


This Piko HO-scale Eco-Friendly 4-Unit Set is one of our favorites because it offers incredible performance and detail at a great price.

Nickel Plate Road

The Nickel Plate Road was a famous railroad that stretched from New York to the country’s middle. It was known for having many of the most impressive locomotives and rolling equipment in any place in the United States.


This classic Lionel O-scale Nickel Plate Road Work Train Set will look great in your yard while keeping your railroad’s expansion and improvement projects on track. If you have the room and track to operate a locomotive hauling eight cars, there is even an add-on kit that includes four more vehicles.

Ready to Start Train Shopping?

An electric train set is suitable for you, whether you are a complete novice, an experienced model railroader, or shopping for someone else. You can rely on Charles Ro to direct you toward making a thoughtful purchase choice.


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