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5 Alternative Gifts You Can Give to Model Train Enthusiasts

One of the most relaxing and creative hobbies worldwide is building model trains. It can be hard to know what to give a model train enthusiast, especially if you are still determining what railroad, train, or landscape they are working on. Here are some universal gifts that every model train enthusiast would appreciate.

Model Train Weathering Kits

Real trains drive through heavy storms, snow, and dirt, which means they usually experience normal wear and tear. Model trains do not share the same climate conditions, which is where weathering kits come in. These small kits allow model train enthusiasts to replicate any wear they need. The kits are small and compact and make a great gift.

Track Cleaning Supplies

Keeping the tracks clean is an essential task for model train enthusiasts, but it can also be one of the most frustrating parts of the hobby. Cleaning the track is necessary to keep it smooth and make it easy for the trains to operate. Track cleaning supplies are a fantastic gift since they help with tedious cleaning tasks. Many kits include cleaning pads that help get into those hard-to-reach places. 

Layout Kits

There are so many exciting layout kits that you can gift to a model train enthusiast. Layout kits provide different scenery for the trains and can even be added to other layouts, depending on your choice. Each kit usually comes with detailed instructions, making it easy for a model train enthusiast to build it how they want.

Hot Wire Foam Cutter

Creating landscapes is one of the most thrilling tasks for model train enthusiasts. They usually use easy-to-shape insulation foam, which they then sculpt. To do this correctly, enthusiasts use a hot wire cutter to help cut through the foam. It is a small gift that goes a long way and is genuinely appreciated by model train lovers. 

Gift Card

If you are feeling overwhelmed with all of the options and need clarification on what your model train enthusiast would want, it’s okay. Sometimes, the best thing you can do is get a gift card. This will allow the builder to pick and choose what they need for the current project they are working on. You can even combine this with some of the smaller gifts mentioned above.

At Charles Ro, we can assist with all of these gifts for the model train enthusiast in your life. These gifts can either help with a track they are already working on or a new one they plan to create. Either way, they will be super grateful to be given something for their favorite hobby. 


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